About Us

Several restaurants have been located on this site off and on since around the turn of the century.

In the mid-1970s, Charlotte Plummer's Seafare Restaurant opened consisting of just the front section of the main floor and a screened porch in the back. Soon, waiting lines stretching around the block became routine so the back dining room was added in the late 1970s and later the property across the street that now houses T.G.'s Beachware & Gifts was acquired to accommodate parties and waiting lines.

Charlotte Plummer sold the restaurant in 1983 and the current owners purchased it in April of 1995. Since that time, the upstairs dining room, deck, bar and waiting room have been added. Across the street The Inn at Fulton Harbor was added in 2002 and T.G.'s Beachware and Gifts in 2003.

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